Professional Real Estate Photography

Most buyers start their search for a property online and that is where they will see your listing for the first time. Don't miss this important step in your marketing campaign.

V.I.P. Real Estate Photography

Impress your clients with the top real estate marketing service available in the area. Get personalized attention from the owner of NOLA Real Estate Marketing, tending to your and your clients’ every need. With V.I.P. you get a 2.5-hour photo shoot, by our top photographer, Eugenia Lubrano-Gangi, that includes up to 30 retouched images. We will pay attention to to the smallest of details to satisfy every wide angle and close-up shot needed to captivate the right buyer and sell the property.


In real life, we experience things spatially. Our brains are constantly calculating distances, sizes, and volumes to understand the world around us. Where video and photography can fall flat, Matterport Spaces give users more than visuals - they provide the feeling of being in a physical location. 


Real 3D data is the only way to give your audience a true sense of presence - the feeling of being in a place. That’s why professional Matterport Spaces are the most immersive way to experience a physical location online. 

Use dollhouse view to see a whole property, switch to floorplan view for a traditional top down perspective, or walk through the interior like you’re really there. 

Zillow 3D Home Tour

Zillow 3D Home Tour takes a simpler approach to the concept of virtually walking through a home. This option captures one point in each room where the viewer can see a 360 degree perspective and get a better sense for the home's layout and feel.


In addition to providing prospective buyers a new and exciting viewing experience, Zillow actively promotes homes that have their 3D Home Tour published to the listing. This along with our walkthrough videos, work to provide the maximum exposure and promotion available through Zillow's platform without having to invest advertising dollars.

Aerial (Drone) Photography

For both commercial and residential properties, we offer aerial photography and videography at affordable prices that will be sure to catch anyone's attention. Make a bold showcase of your listing with a one of a kind birds-eye view. With NOLA Real Estate Marketing you get professional aerial drone photography and videography services with the piece of mind of knowing you're backed by a licensed and insured drone operator.

Agent Headshots

Don’t take a selfie, call us! We do both traditional profile photos with a clean white or dark background, or a more modern “lifestyle” session that can be done in your office, or out on location to create a variety of images to use for your personal branding and marketing.

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Clear Windows

Next Day Turn Around

MLS Ready Photos

Print Ready Photos

30ft Aerial Shot

Weekend Delivery




Listing Teaser

Showcase your listing with this social media friendly 30 second video slideshow. Features 10 to 12 pictures of your listing for easy upload to Facebook and Instagram. 

Virtual Tours

Impress your clients with a dynamic slideshow of your listing. We currently offer two types of virtual tours:


Premium Tour ($25): Get more features with no monthly fee! High-Def display of all media -  Unlimited photographs including panoramas - Interactive floor plan images.- Agent branding with contact information, photo, and logo - Customize your design with your information with our easy log-in - Rearrange slideshow order - Access live statistics - RSS feed of tours, agent microsites, and more - Tours never expire - Syndicated to plus many more - Interactive mobile tour on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices - Embed your tour on your website - Many more features


Standard Tour ($10): Slideshow video file sent to you for uploading to Youtube and other social media websites. 

Zillow Walkthrough

We are Zillow Certified and equipped with wide angle lens adapters and gimbal stabilizers to help capture a "wider" and "smoother flowing" home walkthrough than you could with just your smartphone camera alone. Let us come out to your home to record and upload a video walkthrough for you.  It's quick - but the impact it has on your listing is powerful! Zillow and Trulia listings with a video walkthrough: get automatically sorted to the top of Zillow and Trulia search results, get 3x more clicks than those without video, and are emailed to hundreds of potential buyers on Zillow.

Zillow Walkthroughs can not be downloaded and used on other websites, the service is exclusive to Zillow. Our regular video walk through service can be used on various websites and social media pages. 

Video Walkthrough

Get a unique walkthrough of your property with graphics and with both branded and unbranded links so you can post virtually anywhere. 

Aerial (Drone) Videography

For both commercial and residential properties, we offer aerial photography and videography at affordable prices that will be sure to catch anyone's attention. Make a bold showcase of your listing with a one of a kind birds-eye view. With NOLA Real Estate Marketing you get professional aerial drone photography and videography services with the piece of mind of knowing you're backed by a licensed and insured drone operator.

Custom Videos

Video of properties appeal to today's consumers because each video is unique and makes home marketing feel more genuine. Added personal touch helps buyers remember a listing with a video as opposed to one without.

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Flyers and Brochures

Impress your clients with colorful, professionally done flyers and brochures. This marketing tool will make a positive impression and attract more potential clients, while positioning you as the top agent. 

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Floor Plans

Enhance your listing by adding a two-dimensional floor plan. Give potential buyers a better feel for the property and to show them the space in a unique, easy to read format. 

Virtual Twilight

Take any exterior photo, even aerial drone photos, and turn them into beautiful twilight photographs. 

Virtual Staging

Give potential buyers a better feel for the space for unfurnished listings. Some buyers need to see what makes a house a home, and with this service we capture that for you. 

Virtual Renovation

Does your listing need a little updating? Show potential buyers what a new look would feel like without having to spend thousands of dollars on renovations. 

Virtual Declutter

One family's clutter is another family's deal breaker. Harness the potential of your home by showing off the structure and layout without toys, large furniture and other obstacles blocking the view.

Virtual Landscaping

Not crazy about your home’s curb appeal? Show potential buyers how with just a few choice additions, they can create their own personal sanctuary spot and a yard neighbors will envy.

Copywriting Services

Having a writer’s block? Not a problem, we are here to help you in writing the perfect description for MLS, flyers or brochures, or even video narrations. Give your listing a professionally worded description that will impress buyers, sellers, and other agents. 

Stock Photography

Need professional stock photography for your website or social media page? We charge only $5 per picture.

We have multiple locations of New Orleans, Mandeville, Abita Springs, Covington, Gulf Shores, Metairie, Kenner, etc.   

Contact us to view our entire stock collection to see what photo meets your needs. Click Here for some samples of our stock collection. 

Podcast (Studio + Editing)

Get the most out of your social media. Use NOLA Real Estate Marketing for all of your podcasting needs. Become an expert in your field and give some valuable information to past and future clients. 

Other Services

We offer a wide variety of other services to assist real estate agents in marketing themselves and their listings. From listing presentations to community videos and agent presentation videos. We will work with you to determine the best marketing strategy for yourself and your listings and provide you with the best marketing tools for your needs. Whatever you need in real estate - contact us to determine how we can make your life easier and more successful.

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