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V.I.P. Photography

V.I.P. Photography

Impress your clients with the top real estate marketing service available in the area. Get personalized attention from the owner of NOLA Real Estate Marketing, tending to your and your clients’ every need. We will pay attention to to the smallest of details to satisfy every wide angle and close-up shot needed to captivate the right buyer and sell the property.

All photography includes:

Print Ready Photos | MLS Ready Photos | Blue Skies | Green Grass | Clear Windows | Aerial Shot | Next Day Delivery (Excluding Sunday)



5 to 10 Photos - $140

15 Photos - $165

20 Photos - $190

25 Photos - $225

30 Photos - $250

40 Photos - $290

50 Photos - $350

Baton Rouge

Not available in Baton Rouge


See Commercial Pricing

*Pricing for add-ons based on a minimum photo package of 5 photos. For stand alone prices on a service call or email us

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